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Tip Tuesday: Halloween Themed Books You CAN Read in Schools!

Working in the public school system is always a challenge when it come to holidays.  As speech pathologists we want to talk about the appropriate vocabulary and culturally appropriate experiences children participate within their homes and communities.  However, in this day and age, political correctness (and in my humble opinion over sensitivity to these matters) […]

Creepy Crawly Categories

Pictures courtesy of: Boardmaker Plus Looking for a language game with a Halloween theme?  Well, here’s a Creepy Crawly Categories game just for you! Simply dowload, print, cut out, and have your children sort the creepy crawly spiders into the correct web category. Want to make it a bit more difficult?  Challenge your students to […]

Halloween Bean Bag Toss!

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss:  I just played this simple game last week and it was super fun and great for facilitating multiple repetitions of target sounds!  First, I cut up 10 index cards and numbered them accordingly. I placed two bean bags on the ground (different color for each child).  If you have more than two […]

Articulation Spider Web, Craft, and Snack!

Liked the Busy spider activity?  Here are a few more fun Halloween articulation and language activities you could do at home or in therapy.  Articulation Spider Web-I bought some yarn and made a human spider web for the kids to climb through.  I used clothes pins to fasten the articulation pictures to the yarn (you could use language pictures […]

Soical Story: Trick or Treating!

 Need a Social Story for Halloween?  I made this simple story by using clipart from Microsoft powerpoint. If you want to make it more personal, I would suggest taking pictures of your student or child practicing Trick or Treat activtivies and add them after their respective pages within the book!  Check it out!  Full PDF version […]

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