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FREEBIE Friday: SPD Checklists!

Speech-language pathologists always ask me how they can be the one to assess sensory processing and where do they start?  Well first let me say, that sensory processing checklists are quite user-friendly and are often made for the purpose of having input from the child’s primary caregiver as well as information from the classroom teacher […]

Articulation Disorders Differential Diagnosis Questionnaire

  I’m happy to announce my newest product Articulation Disorders Differential Diagnosis Questionnaire!  Check it out!  It’s on sale NOW!!!! Many times, I have gotten a phone call to schedule an articulation evaluation, just to find out on the date of the evaluation, that the child was exhibiting far more significant issues than simple misarticulations.  Therefore, I […]

CAS Differential Diagnostic Checklist

In my opinion, there is no “go-to” standardized test for childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) out on the market at this time. I personally feel it is very difficult to attempt an accurate diagnosis of CAS within the 15-30 minutes it takes to implement these standardized tests or checklists.  So over the years I have […]

Tip Tuesday! The Nonverbal Child Part 2: Determining a Functional Communication System

This is the second installment in my Nonverbal Child series.  Remember this series focuses on the Nonverbal child under 5 years old with typical hearing and vision.  With that said I have used the same techniques for older children with age-appropriate toys and activities.  So some of these techniques can be generalized to other ages […]

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