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FREEBIE Friday: SPD Checklists!

Speech-language pathologists always ask me how they can be the one to assess sensory processing and where do they start?  Well first let me say, that sensory processing checklists are quite user-friendly and are often made for the purpose of having input from the child’s primary caregiver as well as information from the classroom teacher […]

Giveaway: Sensory Needs and ASD!

  Technically it’s FREEBIE Friday and one lucky person is going to WIN a FREE copy of my product, Sensory Needs and ASD: What EVERY SLP should know! All you have to do is comment below on why you want to win this product. I will use the number generator on to determine which […]

Practical Strategies to Meet Sensory Needs of Students in Speech Therapy Room!

Introducing, my latest product, Practical Strategies to Meet Sensory Need of Students in the Speech Therapy Room! It is generally recognized and agreed upon that many children on the autism spectrum also process sensory information differently than NT children.  Therefore, their sensory needs will also be different.  In my product, Sensory Needs and ASD: What Every SLP […]

Sensory Needs and ASD: What EVERY SLP Should Know!

This product is a MUST HAVE for any speech-language pathologist, experienced or new to autism spectrum disorders, graduate students or even educators who have, are, and will work with children with ASD.  Before any child can learn, he/she must be in a state of alertness otherwise known as self-regulation.  For our students with ASD and […]

Sensory Processing Disorder: What you should know!

When parents are new to the diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) or other medical diagnosis that have sensory processing deficits as a characteristic, it can be overwhelming to hear so many professional terms and understand what it all means.  As a Speech-Language-Pathologist, I have worked with several children with sensory processing difficulties and wonderful OTs (Occupational Therapists) […]

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