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Freebie Friday: Autism Awareness Poster

I did not create the idea for this poster nor is this poster my personal freebie.  However, I LOVE it so much and I think it really speaks volumes.  Not only do I believe this but I have experienced it many times with children with ASD.  So I share it with you today! It’s a […]

FREEBIE Friday: SPD Checklists!

Speech-language pathologists always ask me how they can be the one to assess sensory processing and where do they start?  Well first let me say, that sensory processing checklists are quite user-friendly and are often made for the purpose of having input from the child’s primary caregiver as well as information from the classroom teacher […]

Freebie Friday: Guessing Game-A picture match-up!

Today’s Freebie Friday is a pretty basic one.  Matching up the pictures with the descriptions.  You or your students can take turns reading the descriptions and guessing the answers or finding the answers among the pictures.  As you can see you can use this activity for any number of goals: articulation (reading/speaking aloud), social skills […]

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