Freebie Friday: Rhyming Match up page 1!

Rhyming match up page 1


Today’s freebie Friday is a simple rhyming sheet you can use for PK and early elementary kiddos who are struggling with hearing or identifying when words rhyme.  For my PK kiddos, I begin with one picture and ask the child to choose which picture rhymes with this original picture from two choices that I give them and label allow.  Ex. “What rhymes with book?  Ball or Hook?”  For older students we may play games such as memory, match up or “Go Fish” in order to collect all the cards that rhyme.  I always encourage students to come up with their own rhymes as well. Real or nonsense words work as the goal is to see if the child understands what rhyming is not the number of vocabulary words the child has.  So those are some ideas of how I would use this freebie. I’m sure you can some up with a ton more.  Feel free to comment below and share your brilliant ideas! 🙂

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