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Tip Tuesday: Can We Get Rid of the Idea of “Controlling” Stuttering Please?

I know the title of this blog post sounds harsh but can we all just agree to unite as SLPs and decide that we will work hard to educate fellow co-workers, parents, educators, psychologists, doctors, and other professionals that the age-old idea of “controlling” a stutter is obsolete?  Studies have been revealed over and over again […]

T-Ball in Speech Therapy!

As my regular followers know by now, I LOVE play therapy and I REALLY LOVE incorporating movement in speech therapy.  So one beautiful spring morning I decided to have some fun with a little T-Ball speech therapy session.  “T-ball in therapy?”, you may be asking yourself.  ABSOLUTELY! So how did it all work?  Well I […]

Tip Tuesday! The Nonverbal Child Part 4: Techniques to Elicit Language!

This is the last installment of my Nonverbal child series!  Thanks so much to all of you who stuck with it this month and checked out my presentations.  I hope they helped in some way. Please note that in this presentation a number of language facilitation techniques will be discussed.  I have written about each […]

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