T-Ball in Speech Therapy!

hitting tball

As my regular followers know by now, I LOVE play therapy and I REALLY LOVE incorporating movement in speech therapy.  So one beautiful spring morning I decided to have some fun with a little T-Ball speech therapy session.  “T-ball in therapy?”, you may be asking yourself.  ABSOLUTELY!

So how did it all work?  Well I knew one of my clients had been very interested in playing T-ball after seeing his older sister play community T-ball.  I also knew his mother had all the equipment we would need: a tee, several soft rubber T-balls, a nice soft bat, and three bases.  So my therapy session began to take shape in my brain!  I told his mom to have everything ready for the next therapy session because we were going to play T-ball!

tball base

The next session I showed up at the client’s home with just a box of stimulus pictures and my data sheet.  I set up the T-ball “field” in the backyard and placed 10 stimulus cards in a pile on each base.  It was not a windy day, but if it was windy I would have placed the cards partially under the bases so they wouldn’t blow away.  My client had to hit the ball and as he ran the bases pick up a stimulus card from each base as he went along.  The goal was basic vocabulary labeling of pictured objects and actions.  After 10 hits, my client would have accumulated 30 stimulus cards which equals 30 additional vocabulary words.  For this 2 1/2 year old client, this is some hard work for him!  But he had a great time and so did I!!!

I’m looking forward to more T-ball games in my future! How about you????