Product Testimonial:

Testimonial for the Tongue Thrust Bundle at my online store:

“I did some research when one of these clients came to me, and found volumes of confusing information. When I encountered Maria Guy Del Duca’s remediation program, it was the answer I had been looking for. It is SO clear and easy. It cuts out all of the unnecessary steps, and, if a child has decent tongue strength and is motivated to perform the exercises, he/she can turn the swallow pattern around in four weeks (one session a week). I have done it with four clients, all of whom were immensely satisfied. In most cases, it also takes care of the lisp. And, the kids’ oral stages become much more efficient, and the overall eating process becomes easier and more fun. Using this has made me rethink my whole approach to treating lisps. That is, looking at the swallow pattern and seeing if the person needs to reposition their resting tongue placement instead of just compensating for a forward position.”

Ann Kulichik, SLP and Owner of akspeech

Client Testimonial:

“Maria’s experience with autism makes a dramatic difference in the results she accomplishes with our autistic son. It is incredible to watch our “non-verbal” son open up and use language because Maria understands how to be patient and follow him into “his” world instead of trying to force him to work with her in “our” world. She is also attentive to his sensory processing needs, which helps him feel comfortable working with her. We are amazed at how much better it is to work with a professional who is more experienced with autism than most pediatricians. She has taught us so much about our son. Maria has truly earned herself a special place in our hearts!”

Charlie V., Tuscon, AZ


Professional Development Course Testimonial:

“I attended Mrs. Del Duca’s “Teaching Strategies for Common Communication Disorders in Young Children” professional development course. Anyone who works with children would benefit from this course; it is informational with a lot of great strategies to use as you work with children. Educators, parents, pediatricians, and anyone who works with young children would find this course helpful. 

Mrs. Del Duca is professional, very knowledgeable on the topic, entertaining, and gives you the tools to take what you learn and use it. My teachers and I learned so much about how to help our students, what to look for, and we even got to practice the strategies we were taught. Already, I have been able to use it in my interactions with my students and it has helped tremendously! We are already looking forward to the next course we are taking from her!”

Lori Silk-

Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education

Director of Cactus Wren Cooperative Preschool, teacher,

SVUSD #68 School Board Member


Professional Testimonial:

“Recently I had the pleasure of listening to a podcast entitled: Toddler Aggression: What’s Normal and What’s Not.  When young children are acting out, many parents and professionals often wonder whether these behaviors are typical. Maria Del Duca’s skillfully addresses this topic in her podcast by first explaining the progression of typical behavior development and then explaining how to recognize behavioral red flags.  And the best part about Maria’s program is that it’s incredibly applicable to both parents and early intervention professionals not only in its advice but also in the parent-friendly language that she uses to explain child behavior.

Some noteworthy program highlights included: understanding young children’s egocentricity,  parental evaluation of own reaction and whether it escalated or de-escalated the situation, not feeling pressured to ‘parent’ in front of other parents, understanding the function of the child’s behavior, waiting to intervene in order for children to learn from natural consequences, as well as teaching children coping skills to deal with their emotions.   A reference to an excellent resource website to learn further information was also provided.

Maria is a highly eloquent and knowledgeable public speaker and I highly recommend her to both parents and professionals who are seeking to expand their knowledge base in this or other areas of child speech and language development.”

Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP

Speech Therapist I at Rutgers University Behavioral Healthcare

Owner of Smart Speech Therapy LLC

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