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Tip Tuesday: Early Signs/Symptoms of Possible ASD

Over the years I have interviewed many parents of children with ASD and have found a few commonalities in behaviors they had noticed somewhat early on (within the first year of their child’s life) that had them questioning if there was a problem.  Often times, as the old story goes, they brought up these concerns […]

Tip Tuesday: Visual Memory Activities!

Last week I introduced the topic of working with students with memory issues.  It is my firm belief that not only can we help these students but we are uniquely qualified to do so in order to improve any underlying or comorbid communication deficits that are present.  But how do we go about it?  Where […]

SLPs Reviews Website

It’s month #2 of our Frenzied SLPs launch and this month’s theme is all about the things we “love”! Since this is the month we celebrate those we love, how about I share with you something that I am currently loving in the SLP world.  I am LOVING the concept of the SLPs Reviews webpage. […]

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