SLPs Reviews Website

SLPs Reviews website

It’s month #2 of our Frenzied SLPs launch and this month’s theme is all about the things we “love”!

Since this is the month we celebrate those we love, how about I share with you something that I am currently loving in the SLP world.  I am LOVING the concept of the SLPs Reviews webpage.  It’s a webpage where any SLP can share their reviews of speech and language materials.  As the tag line says on the website “Product reviews for SLPs, by SLPs”.

What am I loving about this page?  Well products are separated by communication area for easier access.  There is an evaluations section for SLPs to review various evaluations.  We can also review books (for professionals or parents), games and apps!  There is also a second for additional websites and continuing education resources.

Can’t find the material you want to rate? Don’t worry, simply hit the “add a product” tab and fill out the info so it can be added to the website.

Wrote an in-depth review of one of the products on this page? No problem.  The creator of this page is happy to have you share the direct link to your review in the “reply” section after you rate the product out of 5 stars.

You are a seller of speech and language materials?  Guess what?  This site wants to support you and your efforts.  If you have a forever freebie you can head on over to this page and add your freebie under the “Freebies” tab!

Some other great things about this page are: it is completely free to use, there are no subscriptions and no ads!

Why do I love the concept of this page?  Because it could be a one-stop shop for SLPs in the trenches to go for reviews of various products they are considering purchasing and find out what other clinicians are saying about it.  No more guessing whether or not a product is worth purchasing.  Simply head on over to SLPs Reviews website and check it out.

There is one draw back right now to this page.  The page is in desperate NEED of reviewers so head on over and give your two scents on the materials, tests, books, games and apps with which you are familiar.  Let’s get some really great reviews so this page can become a great resource for others!

Enjoy!  Happy talking and reviewing!!!!


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