Freebie Friday: Narrative Assessment in PK and School-age children

personal narratives

More often than not, I share a freebie that I have made to use for one of my clients in therapy. However, today I’d like to share a freebie from another colleague.  Why?  Because it’s a great freebie to add to your speech therapy arsenal!  Check it out!!!

Smart Speech Therapy’s,Tatyana Elleseff, offers so many wonderful resources with such in depth information based on the very BEST evidence based research, that if you haven’t checked out her store online, I suggest you do!  In addition to paid products, she also offers a number of great free products.  Today I’d like to highlight one of them in this Freebie Friday post.

Assessing Personal Narratives of Preschool and School Aged Children is a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking to improve their assessment skills in this area.  This 23 page pdf file that you can download for FREE addresses the following:

  • Why Assess Narrative Abilities?
  • The Value of Narratives
  • Narratives and Language Features
  • Advantages of Informal Narrative Assessments
  • Types of Narratives: Hedberg and Westby (1993)
  • Analysis of Personal Narratives (Bliss & McCabe, 2012)
  • Personal Narrative Elicitation
  • 4 Patterns of impaired narration as well as
  • Cultural Considerations to Personal Narratives
    • African American Children
    • Latino Children
    • Asian Children
  • Chart: Questions for Implementation of the Narrative Assessment Profile (Bliss, McCabe, & Miranda, 1998)
  • References
  • Helpful Resources

Can it get better than this?  I don’t think so.  Head on over to Smart Speech Therapy to check out the online store and see what great products you can find!  It will be worth your while. I promise!

Happy talking and downloading!!!