Tip Tuesday: Reaching the Withdrawn or Non-responsive ASD Child!

Reaching Non-responsive ASD child

I’ve spent years enjoying my time working with the most withdrawn and isolated children with ASD.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The most significantly delayed child.  The non-verbal child who is so immersed in his or her own world of idiosyncratic behaviors that they appear to be oblivious to others.  I write “appear” because time and time again, children with ASD have proven how much more they know once I discover the way they communicate best.  I used the term “non-verbal” for clarity and understanding of those reading this post.  However, I personally prefer to call these children “pre-verbal” because I do believe verbal communication will be one of their modes of communication one day.  Positive thinking equals success!

I receive many questions about these particular kiddos on the autism spectrum.  “How to I work with these children?”  “Where do I start?”  “How to I evaluate them?”  “This students needs to work on everything, what do I do first?”

The good news is I created a 47 page pdf product to get SLPs started called Beyond Eye Contact: Connecting with the Young Pre-Verbal Child with ASD.  In this product, I outline for you my 5 point strategy to reaching these kiddos, where to start and how to move along the continuum to improve various areas of development including communication and social skills.

Working with ASD 5 steps


Want to learn more about how I do this?  Click on the link above to find out more!  This week it’s on sale so check it out!