Articulation Disorders Differential Diagnosis Questionnaire

Articulation Disorders Differential Diagnosis Questionnaire

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I’m happy to announce my newest product Articulation Disorders Differential Diagnosis Questionnaire!  Check it out!  It’s on sale NOW!!!!

Many times, I have gotten a phone call to schedule an articulation evaluation, just to find out on the date of the evaluation, that the child was exhibiting far more significant issues than simple misarticulations.  Therefore, I have worked hard over the years to find a more efficient way parents can share their specific issues and concerns prior to my evaluations, so I am prepared to use the most appropriate evaluations for assessment.  After spending hours on the phone asking specific questions, I have determined a more efficient way parents can share important information regarding their child’s articulation deficits via the use of a simple but very specific parent questionnaire.  The purpose of this questionnaire is two fold: 1) to increase parental awareness and communication of the types of misarticulations their child is exhibiting in the home environment 2) to determine what type of disorder of which these signs and symptoms are indicative.  This information will guide any SLP when choosing the most appropriate testing materials possible for their evaluation.

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This questionnaire consists of 10 very specific questions regarding the types and examples of misarticulations a child can possibly exhibit as well as an interpretation page for SLPs.  The interpretation page explains what type of articulation disorder (i.e. articulation disorder, phonological processing/patterning issues, CAS, etc.) the parent description indicates.  This questionnaire also provides insight into how much a parent understands and observes about their child’s misarticualtions.

I have really liked how using this questionnaire has really streamlined my assessements and given me some essential information prior to the evaluation.  I hope you enjoy using it as well!