FREEBIE Monday: Story Comprehension Questions: Spookley the Square Pumpkin!

This was originally a FREEBIE Friday post but since we had the awesome Frenzy last Friday, this turned into a FREEBIE Monday just for you!

 The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin is one of my favorite books to read in the fall.  It’s a great story about not judging others who are different than ourselves as we all are special, unique and have gifts to give.  It is also a great story to use in schools where Halloween may not be able to be talked about or discussed but you can have a bit of the fall harvest theme in this positive book.  

As I read this story with all of my clients each year I thought I’d make some story comprehension questions to go along with this story for my kiddos to use this year.  I also added some extension questions for the purposes of inferencing, predicting and social skills discussions! And you know, if I make it, you get it!

I used some fun Halloween digital paper as a backing for the question cards.  Can’t use anything specifically Halloween oriented?  That’s ok, just print out the questions and forget the digital paper page.

Disclaimer:  In order to use these story comprehension cards, you will have to have access to the book or cd in it’s original format.  I do not have any financial or non-financial affiliations with this book, it’s author, or publisher.  The link above is to the book sold on, however you may purchase this book (if you so choose) from any seller you choose. 

Happy Halloween and Happy Talking!!!
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