FREEBIE Friday: It’s a Spookey Fun Frenzy!!!!

It’s FRENZY Time!!!

If you haven’t heard, I am participating in a SUPER SPOOKY FUN FRENZY with 19 other bloggers!  You can get a total of 20 FREEBIES beginning today (10/18/13) at 8am EST, through Monday (10/21/13) at 10pm EST.  The frenzy buttons will be removed promptly at 10pm EST Monday (10/21/13) so PLEASE do NOT wait to download these awesome freebies until Monday evening, b/c you will be out of luck!

How does a Frenzy work?

You can begin on my FB page and you will see a tab like the picture above.  Click on it (you must like my FB page to grab your freebie). You will see where to click for your freebie and where to click to move to the NEXT FB page freebie!  (This is a circle of links so you can start at ANY participating FB page and grab each freebie!) P.S. Some FB pages have a number of tabs at the top of their page; if you do not see the Frenzy tab right away, click on the drop down on the right to find it!

Just a few reminders:

Please share your gratitude for the freebies you are being given!  I know this is not a problem for my loyal following as you guys are a very grateful bunch, but often times, other bloggers receive nasty grams or emails expecting even MORE materials or freebies.  In reality A LOT of preparation and planning goes into a blog hop or FB frenzy.  Understand bloggers have been working for over a month on this particular project all while doing all the things you have been doing yourself (working full time, having parent/teacher conferences, crazy IEP meetings and writing progress reports).  So PLEASE show them the LOVE!

An extra special thank you:

I’m so grateful for you all following me and this is why I participate in things like this.  Since this is NOT my normal FREEBIE Friday, you are ALSO going to get an EXTRA FREEBIE on Monday from me just to say thanks for always being so great!  So remember to come back to this blog on (10/21/13) and grab ANOTHER freebie!

Now…who’s participating in this Frenzy?  Check it out!  Click on the picture below and it will take you to a document where you can link to all the FB pages via each respective button!