FREEBIE Friday: Spider Web Mania Board Game!

I thought a spider web themed board game would be fun to add to my other spider themed activities I did last year.

I LOVE spiders week in therapy and this is my new addition this year!

So how do we play this fun game?  Start at the outer circle, and hop on each ghost before moving to the pumpkin circle, followed by the circle of bats, ending at the spider!  Whomever gets to the spider first wins.

A few fun things about this game:

1.  You can use any game pieces you already have or you can use different coins (I like to do that for my kiddos working on money), colored chips,  or different Halloween themed pictures as game pieces.

2.  Each player can start on the same “ghost” or on their own and work their way to the spider.

3.  You can have your students move one picture at a time (after your chosen number of therapy trials) or use dice to determine the number of “moves” each student makes.

Have other ideas on how to use this game?  Comment below!

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