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FREEBIE Friday: Little Old Lady Who is Not Afraid of Anything-Sequencing Activity

My son really enjoys the book, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, and we have read it many, many times this fall.  There are so many things I love about this book:  the personification of the clothing, the gross body movements we have fun making while reading, sequencing parts of the story, […]

Tip Tuesday: Halloween Themed Books You CAN Read in Schools!

Working in the public school system is always a challenge when it come to holidays.  As speech pathologists we want to talk about the appropriate vocabulary and culturally appropriate experiences children participate within their homes and communities.  However, in this day and age, political correctness (and in my humble opinion over sensitivity to these matters) […]

Tip Tuesday! Why I love “I Spy” Books!

I have a LOVE-LOVE relationship with the “I Spy” book series.  When they began publishing their toddler series AND began offering them at discounted rates on Scholastic Books, I wanted to kiss someone! “I Spy” books are SO GREAT for the younger population for many reasons: 1.  Vocabulary development: Oh the things we can see […]

My Summer 2013 Reading List!

Busy Bee Speech posted her summer reading list last week (you can find her post here).  As you all know I am a BIG fan of reading and LOVE summer because of all the reading I usually get to enjoy.  I loved Lauren’s post so much that I decided to share my own summer reading […]

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