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Can Parents Provide Intervention via Play to improve Communication Skills of Children with ASD?

Can training parents in play improve communication skills in children with ASD?  Can parents become the interventionists?  Can parents successfully implement techniques that positively affect communication skills in their children with ASD?  These are questions that have been asked for decades.  Dr. Stanley Greenspan, developer of the DIR/Floortime Model of therapy intervention, not only believed […]

Blogging about Research: Increasing Social Interaction using PMT with Nonverbal School-age Children with ASD!

Article:  Increasing Social Interaction Using Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching with Nonverbal School-Age Children with Autism Citation:  Franco, J., Davis, B., & Davis, J. (2013). Increasing social interaction using prelinguistic milieu teaching with nonverbal school-age children with autism. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology, 22, 489-502. doi: 10.1044/1058-0360(2012/10-0103) Purpose:  The purpose of this study was to determine the effect […]

Blogging about Research: AAC Apps and ASD, Best Practice

 ASHA’s Special Interest Group 12, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, published their most recent Perspectives this October and one of the articles caught my eye.  Jane Farrall, a speech language pathologist and consultant in Australia, wrote an an article titled, AAC Apps and ASD: Giving Voice to Good Practice.  Although this article is not a research […]

New Page, New Look, New Store!!!

Welcome to my new website! I’m so glad you are here with me on this adventure!!! I have another exciting announcement!  Along with my new site, and new look, you will see above that I have a brand new store! At my one year blogiversary, I took all of your feedback into account and I […]

Wild Wednesday! ASD: STOP TALKING!

Today I’m writing about something one of my ASD kiddos taught me.  I had been working with a client who was nonverbal for quiet a while with very little progress despite using every trick of the trade and every fun toy I had up my “speech sleeve”.  I had tried EVERY reinforcer known to man […]

Tip Tuesday! Son-Rise vs. ABA for chidren with Autism?

Today I’ll be talking about the differences between the Son-Rise program and ABA (applied behavioral analysis). I placed this blog as part of my April ASD series here AFTER introducing one aspect of applied behavior analysis known as DTT (discrete trial training) and discussing Greenspan’s DIR and Solomon’s P.L.A.Y. project so that we have a […]

Wild Wednesday! ASD: Follow Their Lead!

Following a child’s lead may just the be BEST thing we as SLPs can do for your students with ASD.  As previously read in the post I shared about Dr. Greenspan’s DIR and Dr. Solomon’s P.L.A.Y. Project, following a child’s lead is one of the fundamental principles of both  programs.  So if I’ve already talked […]

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