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Research Tuesday: What happened to my sweet child?: Behavioral Milestones of a 4 year old!

My son tends to show most growth (meaning most changes in cognitive, motor, social skills and yes behavior) around his birthday and half birthday each year.  This is fairly standard development when researching typical development in young children. As I just finished re-researching behavioral milestones in a four year old I thought I’d share that […]

T-Ball in Speech Therapy!

As my regular followers know by now, I LOVE play therapy and I REALLY LOVE incorporating movement in speech therapy.  So one beautiful spring morning I decided to have some fun with a little T-Ball speech therapy session.  “T-ball in therapy?”, you may be asking yourself.  ABSOLUTELY! So how did it all work?  Well I […]

Blogging about Research: A Randomized Control Trial of DIR/Floortime in PK children with ASD

A pitot randomized controlled trial of DIR/Floortime parenting training intervention for pre-school children with autistic spectrum disorders Citation:  Pajareya, K., & Nopmaneejumruslers, K. (2011). A pilot randomized controlled trial of DIR/Floortime™ parent training intervention for pre-school children with autistic spectrum disorders. Autism, 15 (5), 563-577. doi: DOI: 10.1177/1362361310386502 Purpose:  Purpose of this study was to compare DIR/Floortime parent […]

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