Articulation Fall Leaves

Here are several pages of various pictures you can use for a fall themed game for articulation, vocabulary development, following directions, answering ?s, using modifiers to describe pictures, combining pictures to make sentences and many, many more language activities.  Pictures courtesy of Boardmaker Plus.

This packet has several pages of familiar initial /k, g, s, r/ sound pictures as well as a blank page so you can create your own.

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If you are a parent and not really sure how to use these cards here’s a fun list of 10 quick and simple games you can play:

1.  I spy:  cut up, hide pics around your room/house and play “I spy” with your children.

2.  Memory/Concentration:  print 2 copies and play a old fashioned version of memory (making sure your child labels each word/picture when picked up)

3.  Silly Stories:  put pictures in a bucket and pull each out one by one adding sentences onto a make a silly story.

4.  Hot-n-Cold:  at home, pick a safe room, post/hide pictures and have your child (blindfolded) search the room, and you say “hot” or “cold” as your child get closer or farther away from pictures.

5.  Twister fun:  put cards on Twister mat and your child gets to pick up cards on the dot of the color he/she spun.

6.  Bowling:  you don’t need bowling pins for this game…just a ball and some empty water bottles as pins.  You can tape pictures to “pins” or put pictures under them (which I prefer b/c then you don’t mess up the pictures with tape) and as your child knocks over the pins he/she labels the picture.

7.  Golf:  all you need is a broom and a ball, as your child rolls OVER pictures placed on the floor he/she labels them or uses them in a sentence etc.

8.  Guessing Game:  “I’m thinking of a….” You and your child take turns describing pictures by their attributes and guessing, if guessed correctly, that person gets the card.  The one with most cards wins!

9.  Silly Songs:  Same premise of silly sentences, as you pick out a picture you and your child attempt to think of a song (or make on up) with that word in it.

10.  Silly Rhymes:  Create silly rhymes with the pictures you and your child choose.

Full PDF version:

Fall Leaves Initial k, g, r, s

You have another idea for these leaves? Feel free to share by commenting below!
Happy Talking!!!