Freebie Friday: Articulation in Conversation!

Thanks to Tracy from Gold Country SLP, for this weeks FREEBIE Friday! If you missed her tip post this past Tuesday check it out here.  Check it out and head on over to her TpT store to download!  Remember to leave your feedback. You can find more about Gold Country SLP here:
Does an idea ever just come to you in a flash? Sometimes that happens to me. This is one of THOSE!

We ALL must take data and we ALL have students working on sounds at the conversational level…or at least I hope you have students at the conversational level! Since there are no tests out there for conversational speech, we are often stuck transcribing, tallying, etc. I’ve come up with a way to simplify the tallying process AND give you hard data that you can use in your
progress reports. I’ve titled my brainstorm: Articulation in Conversation.

The concept is simple: You decide what sound you are going to focus on, print out my freebie form and have your student ready to chat! There is a blank at the top to note the start and end times, which of course, is optional, but many of us write goals for a specific number of minutes at the conversational level (e.g. “Johnny will correctly produce /r/ in all positions of words with 80% accuracy, during 3 minutes of spontaneous conversational speech”).
Let’s look at a specific example-say you want to chart progress for the R sound. Notice the columns on the form and you will see that you are going to write ALL R words CORRECTLY produced on the left hand side and ALL R words INCORRECTLY produced on the right side. This means you are ONLY writing words that contain the /r/ phoneme. You do NOT have to write any other words!
Once the conversation is finished, note the end time at the top of the form. Tally the columns and add those together for a total. 
Then simply divide the correct number of words by the overall total and you will get the percentage of accuracy. You can note that percentage and the total time in your progress report. I typically want to see the average over a number of sessions (at least 4-5 sessions). You will have more accurate measure of the accuracy level with more sessions.
Now, where is this FREEBIE?  Just click on the picture below and you will be taken to my TeachersPayTeachers store where you can download this forever FREEBIE! If you try the form and like it, please leave me some feedback on TpT!
Have a wonderful day!