Two Facts and a Fib Blog Hop!

2 facts and a fib

Welcome to the April Fool’s Two Facts and a Fib blog hop!  Do you know the rules?  Below are three “facts” and you need to decide which on is my “fib”.  Use the quiz graphic below to mark your answers (you can grab it at the first blog on this hop if you haven’t already) then hop on to the next blog post and do the same. At the last blog post you will enter to win $50 Amazon gift card!  That’s it!

Here are my “facts”.  Can you guess which one is the fib?

A.  I am one of eight children

B.  I met Corey Feldman once on the streets of NYC.

C.  I chose my major of speech-language pathology by closing my eyes and picking it from a college career book.

first blog

quiz graphic2 facts and a fib quiz

 Good luck and have fun!!!

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