The Fib Revealed

fib revealed

I hope you have fun with the blog hop and found reading these facts and fibs as funny as I did.

So what was my fib?

B.  I met Corey Feldman on the streets of NYC.  FIB

Truth:  I actually did see Corey Feldman in person on the streets of NYC when I was there on a field trip in 9th grade.  He WALKED right past me, but ran into a building so my friend and I, who started tracking him down like a dog, were foiled by his sneaky quick escape!  Ha!

A.  I am one of eight children.  FACT

Truth:  Yes this is true!  I am the third of eight children in my family.  Yes, family gathers are crazy and limited to immediate family only.  Yes, family gathers are so loud I think I have some noise induced hearing loss. Ha! And with all my siblings, their spouses and their children we now should rent a hall just to have a simple holiday dinner, but we don’t.  We just stuff ourselves into my oldest sibling’s house for big family events.  Hey what’s family for if not to be loud and obnoxious with, right?!

C.  I chose my major or speech-language pathology by closing my eyes and picking it from a college prep book.  FACT

Truth:  Yes this is true!!!  When filling out my college applications my senior year of high school I had no idea what major to choose.  My older sister grabbed one of those books that listed all of the college majors and their descriptions and told me to close my eyes.  She began flipping through the book and when I yelled “stop” she was on the SLP page.  So…I thought it was as good a major as any and if I wanted to change I could always transfer.  But they had me at “hello”…well technically at “Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology”, but you get my gist.  😉

Well, I hope you had a fantastic time with this fun little blog hop!  Thanks for participating and congratulations to the winner!!!