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Can you believe it’s that time again?  Summer is coming (or has come for some of you) to a close and the new school year is looming ahead.  So what better time to have a blog hop?

The activity I am going to share with you today is a whole class activity and its great for SLPs that will be pushing into classrooms and providing whole class lessons.  I love it because I think its a great way to find out how our students think about themselves, what they like about themselves and how they can find something good in others.

This is an example of the activity. As you can see I filled out the “Awesome” sheet and my 3 year old told me what he thought was cool about me. Awww…so sweet!  Kind words feel good!!!

So what do you need for this activity?

  • paper bags (lunch sacks)-1 for each student
  • writing instruments-could be crayons, markers, pencils, pens, etc.
  • “I’m awesome because” paper, (one for each student stapled/glued/taped to the closed lunch sack)
  • “I think it’s cool” strips, copied and cut…at least slip one per child times the number of children in your class
  • If your students are going to be cutting out the “I think it’s cool strips” you’ll need scissors too
What do you do?
This is a positive affirmation activity.  Students will leave their classroom with a bag full of complements from their peers and teachers.
Every child gets a closed lunch sack with the “I’m awesome because” paper taped/glued or stapled to the bag.  Each child will fill out their forms with the information about themselves.  You can decide if you want the students to share their answers with a buddy (this would be a great task for social skills and when working on voice).  They can place the completed paper bags (open) on a back table in the classroom.  Either during this specific lesson time, or at various times during the rest of the school day (depending on how you want to do this), students can go to the back of the room, read their peers bags and fill out an “I think it’s cool” strip for EACH of their peers.
By the end of the day, each child should have a paper bag full of really cool complements!  Keep in mind for some of these students (particularly the students with difficult behaviors or social skills issues) this may be  the only time they receive compliments from their peers so this can really be a nice activity for these students in particular.
What can be targeted?
This activity is so great because you can work on so many different goals:
a.  articulation, fluency, decoding can all be targeted in reading
b.  phonological awareness, spelling, encoding, literacy can be targeting in writing
c.  social skills (teaching our children with ASD to give compliments about something their peer wrote on their bag may be very tough for some of our kids so you may need to be there to help them form a nice compliment to their peers)
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