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FREEBIE Friday: Christmas Tree Decorating: Articulation Worksheets

  Today’s FREEBIE Friday is a fun simple packet of articulation worksheets you can use for some quick articulation therapy.  As the weeks and days get closer to Christmas break, I know how excitable AND distracted our students can be.  This is a simple fun way to “decorate” to enjoy the Christmas fun while targeting […]

Tip Tuesday! Articulation Tip: Mastering Slow Rate of Speech!

This post is in response to a followers request.  Thanks for your input and suggestions!One of the very first ways to improve intelligibility is to teach a child to use a slower speech rate.  When children with articulation disorders use a fast speech rate, often times the number of omissions and sound substitutions increase, syllables […]

Tip Tuesday: Articulation Tip: Reducing Use of Habitualized Misproductions!

I have recently read some posts about SLPs and parents who are struggling with their children’s habitualized the use of misarticulations for various commonly used words.  I thought I’d just share what has worked for me in the past.  I use these techniques for ALL disorders relating to articulation deficits (including but not limited to […]

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