FREEBIE Friday: Initial F Repetition Game Board!

Welcome to my new website!  Now you can just type in your browser and you will find me.
Please bare with me as I am working on creating a new look while getting rid of all the kinks.  Now let’s get down to why you are really here today…It’s FREEBIE Friday!!!

There are a number of great articulation board games out there that target the use of traditional articulation methods.  That is great for our kiddos who have minor sound substitutions but what about our kiddos with CAS or phonological patterning issues (a.k.a. phonological processing disorders)?  What types of game boards do they get to play?

Well since I have been working with students with CAS and phonological pattern deficits for a while I decided I needed to make some game boards specifically for them. (Keep in mind depending on your child’s pattern deficits these target words may or may not be appropriate.  Please use your clinical judgment accordingly.)

This is the first of my repetition game boards and it targets initial F.  As you can tell I repeat 6 different initial F pictures (courtesy of Microsoft power point) 3 different times on this board. Also all the special game spots require a student to repeat the last word they trialed a certain number of times before they can move ahead the appropriate number of spaces.

You can target these words at the word, phrase, or sentence level depending on where your child is currently performing.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of these repetition game board freebies!!!!
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