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“Sick” of Inferencing FREEBIE!

In honor of this weeks giveaway Baby Jaimie Goes to the Hospital (you still have until midnight Thursday to enter), I thought an inferencing activity about medicine might be in order! “Sick” of Inferencing is a game packet that consists of 6 pages of inferencing questions:* 2 pages about medical personnel* 2 pages devoted to medical supplies* 2 pages of higher […]

Pretend Play: Keeping Track of Progress!

Data Collection is probably the most difficult thing to master when participating in pretend play with our clients/students/children.  How can we PROVE that progress has been made? **Picture courtesy of** Here are a few things we need to think about first: 1.  Baseline skills:  the most imporant thing to do prior to determining appropriate […]

Pretend Play: Choosing Materials to Target Speech & Language Goals!

Pretend play is crucial for a child’s cognitive, communication and social  development.  But how can we as SLPs and parents use this activity to target specific language goals? There are a few rules to follow when using pretend play to target specific goals: 1.  Choose interesting materials:  If your child is not interested in the materials you […]

Pretend Play: Why it’s Important!

 I was at the Dollar Tree in early September and look at what I found?!!  Some great Halloween/ dress up goodies for…well you guessed it, $1 a piece!  Look at the wonderful pretend play outfits I found for a total of $6 (plus tax)!  Pretend play is sometimes overlooked in the Speech Pathology world because we are trained to “make the […]

Octobter is Fire Safety Month!

Did you know October is Fire Prevention and Safety Month?  Every October, local fire stations visit schools nationwide and talk about fire safety.  There is a lot of language involved in fire safety and a lot of information for children to understand and know.  So its a good idea to take some time and review […]

Show N Tell Question Cards

It’s that time of year…school has started which means “Show N Tell”, probably one of our (SLPs) favorite classroom language based activities!!! Why do we LOVE Show N Tell so much you ask?  This simple little activity brings to the classroom what we try so desperately to teach our language delayed kiddos in the therapy room.  This […]

Dinosaur Opposties Games!

Looking for a way to practice opposites???  Well here is a fun Dinosaur Opposites Bingo game just for you!!! *Dinosaur clip art from KPM Doodles!  Other pictures from…you guessed it…Boardmaker! Friendly reminder…all posted materials are for personal use only!* Boarmaker retains all copyrights to their symbols.  The Picture Communication Symbols ©1981–2010 by Mayer-Johnson LLC. All […]

Teaching Your Child How to Answer Questions

Often, parents express their concerns with the fact that their child is struggling with answering questions.  There are so many steps to actually learning and understanding questions of which we, as adults, are not aware, as we naturally learned this skill when we were younger. This skill is such a difficult one for typically developing […]

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