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Pretend Play: Keeping Track of Progress!

Data Collection is probably the most difficult thing to master when participating in pretend play with our clients/students/children.  How can we PROVE that progress has been made? **Picture courtesy of onestepahead.com** Here are a few things we need to think about first: 1.  Baseline skills:  the most imporant thing to do prior to determining appropriate […]

Pretend Play: Choosing Materials to Target Speech & Language Goals!

Pretend play is crucial for a child’s cognitive, communication and social  development.  But how can we as SLPs and parents use this activity to target specific language goals? There are a few rules to follow when using pretend play to target specific goals: 1.  Choose interesting materials:  If your child is not interested in the materials you […]

Pretend Play: Why it’s Important!

 I was at the Dollar Tree in early September and look at what I found?!!  Some great Halloween/ dress up goodies for…well you guessed it, $1 a piece!  Look at the wonderful pretend play outfits I found for a total of $6 (plus tax)!  Pretend play is sometimes overlooked in the Speech Pathology world because we are trained to “make the […]

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