FREEBIE Friday: Shamrock Articulation-Rhyming Match Up!

clip art courtesy of: Oodles of Doodles found at 
This is the last St. Patty’s Day material I made for my kiddos this year.  I wanted to make a material that focused on the articulation difficulties my kiddos where having while also encouraging phonemic awareness and early literacy skills.  So…the St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Articulation-Rhyming Match Up was born.

This packet contains 8 sound mats (see 2 examples below) for initial and final /k, g/ as well as final /b, p, m, s/.  Can you tell that my kiddos are working on fronting and final consonant deletion? Hahaha!

And shamrocks with the rhyming words on them (see below).

 The child is to match the shamrocks correctly by their rhymes.  

Many of my kiddos are non-readers and I specifically used words without pictures this time so my kiddos can focus on “hearing” the rhymes rather than guessing at the pictures.  I used this activity this week and I cued my young clients by giving them a choice between two: “Johnny, what rhymes with tan, can or sock?” or maybe “Which two sound alike?  Tan, can?  Tan, sock?”  This way we can work on articulation and phonological awareness at the same time!  I am so glad I made this activity because I realized how some of my kiddos are really struggling with this skill.  So it was helpful information for me as well as a good articulation activity.

I also added a blank mat and blank shamrocks for you to make your own rhymes and focus on whatever sounds you are working on with your students.

Download this activity for FREE here!

Enjoy and happy talking!