Tip Tuesday: The Napping House!

2014-07-16_10-09-24_410 Who doesn’t love using books in therapy? The Napping House is one of my personal favorites for story sequencing and simple story retelling or our PK kiddos.

Initial Reading:

I always begin with an initial reading of the book, using pointing and showing to emphasize actions of characters in the book.  I take this time to ask wh?s after each page to make sure my students are comprehending information begin presented.  And of course even at PK age, I still will be sure to ask prediction questions.  Early exposure to these skills will keep our kiddos learning at a competitive rate even if their language is not at advanced or grammatically correct as peers.

Re-enactment and Repeated Reading:

The second time around, I re-read this book but this time I use some simple visuals to support and act out the story.  I will have my students take turns placing each character on top of the others in the bed.  I simply used pictured from microsoft ppt.  Come back on Friday to grad these pics if you’d like them for your own “Napping House” adventure. 2014-07-16_10-09-54_134

Video/3rd Repeated Reading:

When I have access to Youtube, I love to use the simple video reading of “The Napping House” (see video below pics) for a third repeated reading and additional exposure to this book.  Of course I once again, have students sequence the pictures appropriately as they “hear” the story as a set pace without pauses or interruptions.  Good for auditory comprehension, auditory memory, and auditory attention skills. 2014-07-16_10-10-39_173



If you want a copy of these pictures, come back this Friday and I’ll have a link on my freebie Friday post for you! Happy talking and reading!!! Signature