SLP Link Up!

Oh, How Pintearesting! is having an SLP link up and I just love how you get to see some insights into what the SLP bloggers are up to right now!  Check out the rules by clicking the link above.

State of Mind:   Right now I am feeling Joyfully Blessed with all the time I am getting to spend with my husband and son recently.  The weather has been so nice here in southern AZ that we have been getting outside, playing, taking walks, hiking, and just having some good ol’ fashioned family fun.  I don’t think anything beats feeling that beautiful sunshine on my skin!  I am really hoping that Spring comes quickly to the rest of the US (especially those states that have been getting and expecting snow recently)!!!!

Loving:  I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS LOVE Lent and the Easter Season!!!  It is my favorite time of year.  Firstly, it happens during my favorite season…YEP if you can’t tell by now…I’m a Spring lover…bright happy colors, sunshine, flowers and trees blooming adds more hop in my step. 🙂  Secondly, I very much love the story of forgiveness, redemption and salvation that Easter brings to us every year!!!!  It’s pumps me UP and gives me more hope in myself and in the human race.  We can be better people and every morning we wake up is a NEW DAY!  Yes…I am definitely a Spring lover!!! (Sorry groundhog, but you are outta here!)

Prepping:  As you all know by reading our speech blogs…we do what we do for the LOVE of the profession!  I LOVE being an SLP and I LOVE learning about new things.  I LOVE sharing information and I LOVE educating others on what we do and why what we do is important.  So of course, I am getting myself prepared for May’s BSHM (for you non speechies out there…BSHM is Better Speech and Hearing Month for the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association)!  By the way, if you have any fantastically different or interesting ideas out there for BSHM…PLEASE don’t hesitate to share below!

So that’s what I’m up to!  Want to know what your favorite SLP bloggers are up to?  Head on over to Oh, How Pintearesting!  and check out their link ups at the bottom of the blog!

And as always…Happy talking!!!!