Review: Crocodile Dentist!

A few months ago I found this great little game at a Thrift store for $4 and took a chance on it!  I’m so glad I did!!!

Crocodile Dentist is a simple game where children can take turns pushing down the crocodile’s teeth.  One tooth will be the trigger for the spring and when that tooth is pushed the crocodile “snaps” shut!

Advantages to using this game:

1.  Crocodile does NOT touch the child’s finger when it snaps shut so no chance of getting hurt.
2.  The trigger tooth resets with each game so it is not the same tooth each time.
3.  This game is spring loaded so NO BATTERIES NEEDED!!!
4.  This game is SUPER QUICK so you can get a TON of practice and keep the kiddos engaged while playing game after game to see “who gets eaten”.
5.  Great fun for PK and early elementary grades (also great for older kiddos who are functioning at a low cognitive level-great cause and effect game).
6.  Fosters simple social skills-taking turns, using encouraging words during play, good sportsmanship etc.
7.  You can use this game for ANY goals/targets!

I really like this simple game.  I’ve used it several times since I’ve purchased it and my kids LOVE it!  If you ever find it on sale or at a Thrift store, I highly recommend buying it!

Happy Talking!