Review: Behavioral Management Strategies for School-Based SLPs

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I don’t often provide product reviews however, when I come across materials or educational information that I truly believe EVERY SLP can benefit from, I MUST share it!

As an SLP in the schools I have been certified year after year in CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) and have been part of behavior management teams.  I’ve taken data for FBAs (Functional Behavior Analysis) and participated in several BIPs (Behavior Intervention Program/Procedure) over the years, that I KNOW how important it is for SLPs to understand what behavior management is and how to effectively choose and use strategies for various students.

Why us?  Why SLPs?  In my opinion we as SLPs are so good at modifying the complexity of activities, accommodating for children with all disabilities and manipulating our environment to assist our students in being successful, that we are much more successful at understanding and identifying antecedents to behaviors in a way that other professionals do not get a chance to do in large groups (classroom teacher) or in one on one situations (such as other related services-PT, OT-provide).

So when Smart Speech Therapy’s, Tatyana Elleseff, asked me to review one of her educational packets, I jumped at the chance to review her Behavioral Management Strategies for School Based SLPs packet.  Because I believe that EVERY SLP MUST UNDERSTAND BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT AND KNOW HOW TO EFFECTIVELY USE VARIOUS STRATEGIES FOR INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS!

Product Review:  In the principle of full disclosure I will tell you that I did see the first version of this packet and was able to compare it to this updated version.

This packet is
written from the perspective of an SLP FOR SLPs.
I LIKE this new packet so much for so many reasons:
  • Behaviors addressed target genetic, psychiatric AND neurological disorders.
  • Clear and concise explanation of a team approach and what an FBA is along with written examples!
  • Address the need to deferentially diagnose Behavior vs. Sensory issues as they are treated differently.  I have to admit in my experience Behavior Specialists often times forget about Sensory issues and if we as SLPs can’t ID the difference between the two a child may end up with a BIP that is ineffective.
  • List of explanations behind behaviors (great for helping us as SLPs understand the use of the behavior.  Nice little cheat sheet!)
  • List of guidelines on how data for FBAs should be taken.  I only learned this through experience so its nice to see this written down in a packet for SLPs.
  • GREAT explanation of prioritizing behaviors (what to work on 1, 2, 3rd)!!!
  • LOVE that the packet addresses that punishment is NOT efficient and replacement/prevention is the BEST form of behavior management.
  • LOVE the  Behavior Management Hierarchy is listed LEAST to MOST intrusive b/c that is how we are expected to implement behavior management.
  • Explanations of Positive behavior cues is great for us and even for teachers who don’t get this training!
  • I LOVE the Positive Interventions list as we may be the ONLY professional in these meetings advocating for positive reinforcement rather than negative consequences.  This list gives us an arsenal of options we can present.
  • This packet includes FUNCTIONAL examples of how to teach replacement behavior!
My FAVORITE Things in this packet:
  • There are 6 appendix that can be carried around with you when going to BIP and IEP meetings.  The 6 appendix are (1 page each on the following):
    • Behavior Functions
    • Antecedents
    • Behavior Management Hierarchy
    • Modifications
    • Maintaining Factors
    • Written examples of FBA
  • There are case samples in this packet that describe a student, and give you questions to ponder.   The BEST part if the next page has the answers to those questions to you can self-test to see how much you are understanding of behavior management and strategies!
  • The research is already done for you!
  • This 62 page packet is packed full of Behavioral Management information that is ONLY important to us as SLPs!!!
Negative Note:  There is only 1 negative aspect about this packet that I think some of you will think of when you first see it and that is…
  • The Price:  $16.99 (however it going on sale TODAY…so if you want your copy, click the link at the bottom of this blog!!!)
  • I think at first some may think this packet is not worth the price but I have to admit that
    • 1) it took me YEARS and participation in several FBAs before I fully understood Behavior Management,
    • 2) I do not have any Behavior Management information written by an SLP for SLPs so I find this packet unique in that aspect,
    • 3) I can’t buy a book on behavior management for less than $20 let alone a information written for SLPs!
  • So to answer your question, “Do I think the packet is worth $16.99?”  I wouldn’t have reviewed it if I didn’t!  I know I am going to use this information in the future!

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Enjoy and Happy Talking!