Playing in the snow!!!

Did I ever tell you that my husband and I are originally from the east coast?  Well we are and we decided to take a trip back east to see the family this holiday.  We must have had luck on our side as we flew just between two snow storms and made it to the east coast yesterday…just in time for a “White Christmas” (a few days late but still part of the Christmas season so that works just fine for us!).  You better believe in the 17 degree weather this morning we put on our snow gear and got “serious” about having some fun!!!!

There’s my boy with his cookie monster hat on (made by a friend) and that beautiful smile that could stop traffic (at least it stops me in my tracks from time to time) having the time of his life in the snow!  We are supposed to get a bit more snow before this week is through.  Here’s hoping for some nice snowman making, snow ball throwing, sledding kind of snow!

Have you taken my advice and had some playtime this holiday break?  What have you and your family been up to?  I’d love to know.  Maybe you can give me some good ideas! 

For those out there traveling, have safe travels this holiday season.  Keep having fun and happy talking!!!!