Freebie Friday: Toddler Painting Sheets!



Today’s Freebie Friday are Toddler Painting Sheets!  I used the shapes and lines in microsoft ppt to create a Christmas ornament and Christmas lights. I also added a colored page of Christmas lights in case you wanted to do some color match-up or use one of my very favorite toddler craft supplies…Fruit Loops to sort colors on the correct light.

So what to do with the black and white pictures?  You can use finger paints, colored sweetened condensed milk, or even colored shaving cream, give your toddler a paint brush and let him/her have at it!  I’m pretty sure your child will come up with new inventive ways to decorate these pictures!

Want to use these for Pk or school age kiddos as a reinforcement activity?  Sure! You could use anything from crayons, markers, dot markers, stickers, pom poms, beads, etc. to decorate these sheets!  Use your imagination!  I’d love to see your student’s creations.  Send me a picture at and I’ll post it on my FB page or here on this blog!

Grab your freebie here!

Enjoy and happy painting and talking!



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