Freebie Friday: Strategies for Asking for Help!

This week’s freebie Friday is from Smart Speech Therapy, LLC!  Check out her “Strategies for Asking for Help” at the link below!

Strategies of Asking for Help

I created “Strategies of Asking For Help” chart for my verbal, mildly cognitively impaired (IQ 70+) and average cognition clients. The goal is to keep this chart in the child’s line of vision during the sessions, and remind him/her to chose a relevant strategy from the chart to alert the therapist that the child requires help (e.g., If confused say: I don’t know where to find the answer).

Prior to using the chart, it is important to pre-teach the child about the strategies written on the chart. We must explain when s/he should use each strategy (during what type of tasks/questions/situations) as well as why it is so important to ask for help. Depending on the severity of the child’s impairment, you may need to spend several therapy sessions pre-teaching these concepts in order to optimize the child’s success with the chart’s usage.

Furthermore, the usage of the ‘Strategies Chart” should not just be limited to language therapy sessions.  After all what would be the point if the child only learns to ask for help during therapy sessions but is unable to do so during classroom lectures/assignments or when doing homework at home.  Teachers and parents alike can use the chart  (e.g., affix it to the child’s desk in the class or at home) as a visual reminder of why asking for help is so important as well as to improve the child’s ability to request assistance in all settings.

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