Freebie Friday: Heart Puzzle Word Association Game!

In therapy, we are talking about how two things are similar and different.  So I made this simple word association game and put the pictures on heart puzzle pieces.  As you know by now, whatever I make for my kiddos you get to have as well.   

So grab your FREEBIE here!

In this activity there are two sheets of 9 heart puzzle word associations and one page of blanks so you can make your own!

Just cut laminate and have your students match up the two pictures that “go together” and explain why.  Some of these associations are more complex or out of the ordinary than others just to increase the complexity and to encourage my kiddos to “think outside the box”.

I’m excited to use these, I hope you like them too!

Second freebie below:

I don’t think I ever told you this, but my son and I volunteer at a local assisted living on the dementia unit and I make cognitive therapy activities from time to time.  I made the below activity for them.  I know some of you SLPs out there also moonlight with adult patients so I thought I’d add this FREEBIE just for you.  If these types of activities are something you would like to see more of, let me know.  I don’t know if this type of activity is something you could us or not so I need your feedback.

This activity is a Famous Couple Heart Puzzle Match Up.  Download, print, cut and have your clients match up which pair of famous people go together!

Grab this freebie here!

Happy Talking!