Freebie Friday: A Halloween-Themed Receptive and Expressive Language Game!

Hello Everyone! It’s Manda & Shanda, from Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC. We are excited to be back over here at Communication Station! We hope that Maria is continuing to have a wonderful maternity leave and we thank her for letting us share one of our freebies with you all at this time!  It is called: A Halloween-Themed Receptive and Expressive Language Game. And, it is here just in time for you to play this coming week while we are all gearing up for the fun Halloween holiday that is just around the corner!

Halloween is such a fun holiday to share with our students and we hope that you can take the time to download this freebie in order to add some cute friendly ghosts, witches and silly vampires to your work day! This freebie will help to advance the skills of picture description, “WH” questions, and vocabulary in your students.  And they will have fun while they learn because this is a game! 

We have included a super cute non-spooky Halloween game board, a die with markers to bring around the board, and several pages of game cards that contain the “WH” and description questions. 

Just click on the picture or link here to be taken directly to this fun freebie over at our Twin Speech, Language & Literacy Store over at Teachers Pay Teachers.  

Or, if you prefer to download over at Teachers Notebook, 
click on this link and enjoy!  

A Spooktacular Expressive & Receptive Language Game At Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC Teachers Notebook Store

Have a fun and safe Halloween. 🙂

Shanda Gaunt, M.S. CCC-SLP
Manda Riebel, M.A. CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologists
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC

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