Freebie Friday: Follow the Artic Rainbows!

I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day and I also love using pictures for my articulation kiddos (as most of my kiddos are non-readers).  But to make this activity I really couldn’t fit pictures into the small spots above so I wrote words.  I decided to use words from Webber’s Jumbo Articulation Drill Book because I’m pretty sure many of us SLPs have access to this resource.  Each page has words that go along with pictures from the book so readers and non-readers can use these handouts.  Also, you have the option to use this activity in therapy or to send home to parents.

As you can see, each page focuses on a different sound with 10 words in the initial, medial and final positions separated by the rainbows strips.

You could use dot markers, stickers, crayons, pom poms, or even bingo chips to color the rainbow strips.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to use skittles so my kids get to “taste” the rainbow while following it! 🙂  I am planning on placing colored skittles on the words, and after they are produced correctly at the level we are working on (word, phrase, sentence, etc.), they get to eat the skittle and color in the circles (with crayons, dot markers or maybe I’ll even use water color paints…that sounds like fun)!

I included a blank page for you to make your own if you want.

Check out the packet and download it here for free!

Enjoy and happy talking!