FREEBIE Friday: Category Sort-Animals, Clothing

Category Sort-Animals, Clothing


I made several category sorting games for my language delayed kiddos and my kiddos who have been struggling with semantic mapping and word retrieval.  I thought I’d share this one with you today. 

I know this packet isn’t fancy but it was quick and easy to make and it gets the job done.  So thank you DynaVox Mayer-Johnson for your wonderful BoardMaker!  What would I do without you in my life!!! 

This freebie has pictures that can be divided into to two basic categories (animals or clothing) and several subcategories (farm, zoo/jungle, ocean animals, winter or summer clothing, accessories) as you so choose.

I added the category sorting mats.  I like to see if my kiddos can place the objects with their corresponding category without words first (receptive ID of categories).  Then I compare that to their expressive abilities of verbally ID the categories to see where the discrepancy lies.  

Parents who are following me and would like to use this packet, here are few tips!  Cut out the pictures and talk to your child about each one and what category it belongs to.  Have your child try to show you where each picture should go. If they are incorrect simply explain to them why placing that picture on the correct sorting mat is a better fit.  Remember to make it fun and reinforcing by using a lot of praise! 



Enjoy and Happy Talking!!!
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