FREEBIE Friday: Candy Corn Multi-step Sequencing!

I thought this candy corn graphic was a perfect way to work on sequencing multiple steps of an action while still enjoying some holiday pictures.

This packet includes 20 action cards and 2 (3 step) candy corn sequencing cards you can cut out and laminate for re-use.  There are 3 action cards specifically related to Halloween.  But if you can’t discuss Halloween in your school, that’s not a problem. Just omit them from your therapy session.  You still have 17 usable action cards ready to go! 

You can use this activity in a number of ways.  Here are a few ways I am planning on using it:  

1)  Cut out the candy corn mats and laminate.  Have your students take turns pulling out action cards from a hat and writing down 3 logical steps (in sequence) to complete the action.  

2) Cut out the candy corns out into strips and laminate.  Write 3 steps in the wrong sequence.  Have your students use their candy corn strips to re-write the steps in the correct sequence.  

3) Make two copies of candy corn mats (4 candy corns), cut and laminate.  Write various possible step sequences and have your students choose the one that makes sense. 

Do you have other ideas for this activity?  Comment below!

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