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A Perfect Processing Christmas: Auditory Memory Recall!

The final Auditory Processing FREEBIE this week is an   Auditory Memory Recall activity which is separated into three specific skills: 1) digit recall, 2) word recall, 3) sentence recall.  Each card has 3 levels of complexity.   Download your copy at the bottom of this blog.  Children with auditory processing deficits will sometimes struggle […]

A Perfect Processing Christmas: Listening for Key Words

Today’s Auditory Processing FREEBIE:  Listening for Key Words!  Many children with auditory processing difficulties cannot process complex auditory information.  This task teaches your student/child to listen only for the key words (i.e. most content laden words) that will help him/her understand and recall information presented.  Feel free to use the answer choices or have your […]

A Perfect Processing Christmas: Auditory Closure Activities

Another Processing FREEBIE:  Auditory Closure Exercises!  This task trains a child with auditory processing difficulties to listen to a statement, or story and use the context to complete the statement with the missing word.  You can have your students/child try to complete the sentences independently or add the answer choices for those who cannot independently […]

A WEEK OF FREEBIES: “A Perfect Processing Christmas!”

In the spirit of Christmas I made some great holiday Auditory Processing FREEBIES that will be given away this coming week.  1 freebie for each day!!!  What GREAT activities are awaiting you?  Well check out the week’s activties below! Monday 12/3/12:   Tuesday 12/4/12: Wednesday 12/5/12: Thursday 12/6/12: Friday 12/7/12: Enjoy your week of freebies and happy […]

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