Giveaway: Sensory Needs and ASD: What EVERY SLP Should Know!

ASD month 2014 Giveaway 2

I’m celebrating Austism Awareness Month with a few giveaways!!!!  This week I’m giving away: Sensory Needs and ASD: What EVERY SLP Should Know!  

I’m very excited to be sharing this product with some lucky follower!  Check out the product description below and enter via the rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this blog. If you don’t win, don’t worry from now through this weekend ONLY, you can grab this product at 50% OFF by using the code below!

50 off Sensory Needs and ASD

This 24 page PDF file is a basic view of sensory processing needs of children with ASD and what speech-language pathologists must understand so as to meet the sensory needs of their students in order for learning to occur.  This file addresses incidence of sensory processing issues in children with ASD, the implications for speech therapy, definitions of sensory processing and sensory processing disorder, filtering issues and the effects on self-regulation, self-regulation and learning, hyper- and hyposensitivity related to sensory needs, how to work with students with sensory needs, available sensory processing checklists to evaluate sensory needs, and examples of classroom accommodations for children with sensory needs.  For a detailed list of pages in this product click here!

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