FREEBIE Friday: Christmas Carol Scramble!

Christmas Carol Scramble pic


I wanted to make a fun holiday activity for my clients who are readers.  So I made this Christmas Carol Scramble sheet so we can have a bit of fun while working on our speech and language goals.

A few ways to use this sheet:

1.  Individually students can attempt to complete this sheet and see who guesses the most correctly.

2.  Using groups, you can have students take turns reading each scrambled carol and others guessing.

3.  Using groups or “buddies”, have students pair up or divide into groups to complete this sheet, whichever group guessing the most correctly wins.

4.  Used as a “push-in” classroom activity (individually) or pair students in the manner described above.

5.  Used as a social skills activity, pairing up students with deficits in this area with good peer models to learning to guess, negotiate and compromise.

I’m sure you can think of a hundred more uses for this activity!  If you are inspired to share, comment below!

Grab your free copy of Christmas Carol Scramble! here!