2nd Bloggy Bday Giveaway #5: Coarticulation Lists-Bundle!

Giveaway #5
My final bloggy bday post comes from the fabulous Mia McDaniel!  She has an AMAZING product for articulation so check it out below and be sure to enter to win!  Mia is the author of the blog Putting Words in Your Mouth and you can find out more about her and follow her here: @my blog,  @ my TPT store@ facebook,@ pinterest @ instagram.
I’m so completely thrilled that Maria asked me to be part of her blog’s 2nd birthday! 
I was reading her fabulous blog before I even thought of starting my own, and I feel so privileged to be here at Communication Station Speech Tx!  
If you follow my blog or TpT store, you’ve probably realized that I actually love articulation therapy. I know, I know… many SLPs find it boring or even unimportant, but I love being a part of a little person’s communication transformation and getting to measure and witness a struggling speaker bloom into a proper and precise communicator.  The more severe the articulation or phonological disorder, the move I love it. Apraxia?  Bring it on!  The smallest bits of progress are life changing for these kiddos and like answered prayers to their worried parents.  I’m so blessed to be able to be a part of that. 
 Sooooo that’s why I’m excited to share with you my end-all-be-all tool for articulation therapy….what I call my Coarticulation Binder. I seriously could NOT do articulation or apraxia therapy without it. 
I made this binder almost 20 years ago when I was a graduate assistant at LSU at the suggestion of one of my professors.  Back then, my SLP hero and mentor, Dr. Amelia Hudson, was a proponent of using a coarticulation approach to articulation therapy.  I was totally sold and quickly found it to be the most diagnostic/prescriptive type of therapy.  You can read all about it in my original post about coarticulation (and my binder) here. I’m not entirely joking when I say that this blog post is guaranteed to make any SLP get all tingly 🙂 
So this binder was born with coarticulation therapy in mind, but whether you use a coarticulation approach or not, it’s simply every speech target for every phoneme that you’ll ever need for ANY kind of articulation therapy.  Little did I know at the time that this binder would become my BFF for therapy.
Over the years, I’ve had to replace my binder numerous times; they get tattered and torn from the daily use abuse! Every SLP I work with begs for a copy of it and all of the grad students I supervise leave their practicum at my school site clinging to their binder for dear life.  Over the past year I’m been revamping it and typing it allllll over again.  
I mean, the first copy was actually TYPED on a typewriter 
(no kidding and whoa I just aged myself) 
so it was time for a face lift…. a makeover if you will! 


Believe it or not it actually took me a while to realize that I should upload this into my Teachers Pay Teachers Store! Why was I hogging my handy dandy binder all to myself when other SLPs might want to have it in their life, too?! 
The whole binder consists of sound targets for every phoneme.
Each sound has extensive lists for :
1 syllable initial position
2-3 syllables initial position
 1 syllable final position
 2-3 syllables final position
2-3 syllables medial position
4-5 syllables medial position
To be even more diagnostic/prescriptive, all medial position lists are broken down
according to whether the consonant…
a) occurs between 2 vowels
b) occurs after a vowel and before a consonant or 
c) occurs after consonant and before a vowel)
It’s medial position brought to a whole new level!
All of the lists fit snugly into a 1 inch (or larger) binder.


After you print the lists, arrange them in the order you’d like them in your binder.  I arranged them in the order that worked for me according to my caseload 
(good ole /r/ right in front).   
   Use some tabs or dividers to label the sections so that you can quickly flip to the phoneme you need each session.  I personally like to use the tabs in the photo below.  
In fact, I use them for everything.  They’re surprisingly durable and repositionable.  
Also, I don’t lose space in my binder from bulky divider pages.
If I have an individual session I just flip to the targets I need 
but when I have a group with children addressing different phonemes I flag each child’s page of targets with a sticky note.  I either use a different colored sticky note for each child or jot their name down and then flip the pages as needed. 
Many students even ask me for a copy of “their page” to take home for homework. 
It actually took me a while to realize that I should upload this to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store! Why was I hogging my handy dandy binder all to myself when other SLPs might want to have it in their life, too?! 
Well, I now have these lists for sale 2 ways in my TPT store!  First, you can find it all chunked together in 1 MONEY SAVING BUNDLE for $21 including a couple of cover page options OR you can collect these packets individually and slowly build your binder: 
7) /θ/ (free!)

Want to win your very own copy?

Do I have your speechie juices flowing yet?  
Well, guess what!?
You can win all of the sound target lists so that you can make your very own binder!
Maria and I are giving it away as part of her bloggy birthday celebration! 
 The winner will receive every phoneme list, 2 versions of the binder cover and a summary of coarticulation therapy just in case you want to try a new approach in your therapy room. 
Good luck!  I hope it comes in handy for your practice for years to come!

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Thanks again, Maria, for inviting me to be a guest here on your lovely blog! 
If you’d like to hear or see more from me, I’d love it if you’d come & visit me… 
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