2nd Bloggy Bday Giveaway #2: Don’t Be a Zombie!

Giveaway #2


My second giveaway celebrating my 2nd bloggy bday comes from the great Kelli Hungaski MS/CCC-SLP, lover of all things ASD related (as my loyal followers know this is right up my alley) and blogger over at Speech2u.  You can find her wonderful products at her TPT store and follow her on her Facebook page.  I’m so excited to be able to share one of her fabulous products here today with you!!!!


I am honored to be a part of Communication Stations’s 2nd bloggy birthday celebration.  One of my favorite (but unexpected) parts of starting my own blog has been the chance to connect with other speech language pathologists across the country.  Maria and I share a common interest in Floortime and play based language approaches.  I think it would be a blast to treat with her!


Today, I am going to be talking about one of my best selling products-Don’t be a Zombie: Pragmatic/Nonverbal Language Skills.

I work with a lot of clients who are also on the Autism Spectrum.  Most of them struggle with some aspect of nonverbal language.   We use nonverbal cues from others to make judgments about who they are and their intentions.  Children who seem to present with typical language development and articulation with disordered nonverbal language may be misunderstood by their peers and adults within their environment.

Zombies are still pretty popular with many of the elementary to middle school age children I work with.  The theme helps them to practice difficult skills while taking about one of their favorite subjects.  It takes a little bit of the pressure off.  We aren’t talking about difficulties that they are having-we are talking about zombies-and everyone knows that zombies have problems with social skills.

This packet is broken down into 4 different areas:
1.  Personal Space and Boundaries

These activities are designed to help children understand what “personal space” is and how it changes based on our relationship with our listener.  It also addresses what type of information we should share based on the person we are talking to.  For example, we probably shouldn’t tell our friends how much money our mother makes.  Finally the student can practice what types of actions we would do based on the person with whom we are speaking.

2.  Tone of Voice

These activities focus on prosody and how the meaning of sentences change based on our inflection on individual words.  For example, I SAID he should go to bed means something slightly different than I said HE should go to bed.  The student also has opportunities to practice using different tones of voice (sarcastic, happy etc.) when saying different sentences.






3.  Personal Hygiene

I recommend that these activities are done individually as I think personal hygiene is a sensitive subject.  That being said, understanding and practicing good personal hygiene is really important for social success.







4.  Gestures

I’m often surprised how few gestures some of the children I work with use.  These activities focus on identifying the meanings of different gestures as well as being able to use different gestures.












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If you didn’t win the packet-no worries.  I’ll be putting Don’t be a Zombie Pragmatic and Nonverbal language on sale for 25% off this Friday through Sunday (7/11-13/2014)!


Kelly Hungaski MS/CCC-SLP has been practicing as an ASHA certified speech language pathologist for the last 17 years.  She has worked in a variety of settings including: clinics, schools, tele practice and in adult day treatment programs.  Kelly has special interests in Autism Spectrum disorders, motor speech disorders, play/activity based language instruction and social/pragmatic language skills.  She blogs at Speech2u.  You can see more of Kelly’s products at her TPT store or connect with her on Facebook.